The (Customers’) Label Pros

A History of Excellence…and We’re Sticking to It.

Our Story

As one of the leading suppliers of custom labels in the country, we have built our business around the needs of our thousands of satisfied customers. From healthcare and food to building products and educational supplies, our label design, printing and management have led Artex to the forefront, placing the needs of our customers first. Regardless of your label or packaging needs, our dedicated team of consultants is waiting to help you make a difference on behalf of your brand.

We provide custom designed and printed labels for pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, cleaning products, educational products, promotional stickers and more. The list of markets we serve is unlimited. Of course, the boxes for your products need shipping labels; we make those too.

We stay focused on what made us successful: focusing on the quality of customers’ brand and its presentation on the shelf, in the store and in the hands of the end user. This is how we first made a name for ourselves and after all, when you’ve built a reputation on something, people are going to expect it.

Our Philosophy

  • Our mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality custom labels, on time and on budget, with no excuses.
  • We make our customers more competitive. We help them reach their objectives faster and more effectively than their competition. When they are successful, we are successful.
  • We constantly search for new ways to create, produce and enhance the image of our customer’s products.
  • Our energies and talents are the driving force in finding innovative ways to push our technology forward.
  • Employees are the key to our success. Together we learn and grow through open dialogue, mutual respect and decisive leadership. In all our activities, integrity will drive our conduct with our employees, our customers and business partners.