Food Packaging

Down to the Last Bite

Thanks to our precision die-cutting, FDA compliant label adhesives and on time delivery, our labels contribute to uninterrupted production lines and quality product appearance. Our extensive experience with the food market means that we have a thorough understanding of labeling requirements, migration testing and how to utilize cutting-edge production and printing techniques to maximize your product’s visual impact.

In addition to requiring temperature and moisture resistance, food product labeling is also rarely applied to flat or even surfaces, so the labels need to be able to adhere to surfaces with variable textures. We can offer product solutions that cover the full-spectrum of food labeling environments from extreme cold to extreme heat or high-moisture conditions.

Create FDA-compliant labels that are easily noticed on a crowded store shelf. Not only will our labels perform consistently in all environments, but our innovative approach to brand graphics will improve purchase appeal and drive sales.

Household & Cleaning

With required detailed information and chemical resistance, household product labels need an experienced company like Artex for the best quality possible. Squeaky Clean >>

Pharmaceutical & OTC

With our expertise of sterilization and FDA packaging requirements, let us help you create high quality labels for pharmaceutical and OTC products. Expertise >>

Retail & Point of Purchase

At Artex, we don’t shy away from unique or stringent customer specifications. Let our versatile experience meet you where you are. Versatility >>