Health & Beauty

Eye-Popping Displays

While product appearance is always an important factor in attracting potential customers, this factor is even more essential with health and beauty product packaging. These products require exceptionally attractive designs that convey an upscale experience in order to establish brand integrity.

Our dedication to precision in the design, production, and application of health and beauty labels ensures that your product will command the attention needed to reach your desired customer base. In addition to making beautiful labels, however, we understand the sensitivity to and importance of clear, informative labels. Whether that includes the product’s ingredients, or bold wording about the hypoallergenic nature of your product, we ensure clarity and durability of these labels.

Due to the economic nature of digital printing, colorful packaging is not limited to national brands. We can provide customized and affordable solutions for any private label needs including short and medium run projects.

Food Packaging

From FDA compliance to innovative branding, we offer a wide range of appealing labels to fit your unique food packaging needs. Eat Up >>

Industrial Labels

Durable? Check. Your industrial labels must be able to withstand all types of exposure, and Artex can help.
Artex Strong >>

Household & Cleaning

With required detailed information and chemical resistance, household product labels need an experienced company like Artex for the best quality possible. Squeaky Clean >>