Pharmaceutical & OTC

Pharmaceutical & OTC

Meeting Your Requirements

Production of pharmaceutical labels requires expertise and equipment beyond what is generally required for the typical consumer product.

We have provided OTC product labeling since our inception, and we continue to deliver the quality and accuracy our customers require.

Visual Inspection

Our visual inspection systems can read bar code, matrix or date and lot codes to ensure the accuracy of each label. We uphold Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) requirements and maintain inspections and certifications to meet the standards of all appropriate industries, most notably with the very exacting requirements of pharmaceuticals.

We are also in compliance with Wal-Mart Standards for Suppliers. Our automated inspection systems help mitigate issues with mislabeling and costly product recalls associated with these mistakes.

Children & Educational

Brighten any of your products for kids or schools with help from Artex. Our digital printing can create stickers of virtually any shape and color. For the Kids >>

Food Packaging

From FDA compliance to innovative branding, we offer a wide range of appealing labels to fit your unique food packaging needs. Eat Up >>

Household & Cleaning

With required detailed information and chemical resistance, household product labels need an experienced company like Artex for the best quality possible. Squeaky Clean >>