Pressure Sensitive Labels

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Pressure sensitive labels provide unmatched graphics and printing options for single label; front and back applications. Our precision printing standards and processes utilize a variety of film and paper facestocks, along with a range of finishing and die-cutting options to provide design flexibility to adapt to virtually any container shape.

Artex labels with high-quality graphics and crisp visual effects will give your products the professional look they need to stand out on the shelf and attract customers. Pressure sensitive labels provide the functionality required, even for highly contoured or squeezable containers.

Pressure sensitive labels allow for faster labeling speeds and a more efficient manufacturing process compared to cut and stack labels. This holds true for short and long run productions. The application process is also more exact resulting in lower process scrap rates and improved changeover times.

In addition to high speed flexo, our digital printing provides the precision and color required for short run packaging of food, beverage, nutriceutical products, and more. Our variable data capabilities are ideal for multiple SKU, bar codes and graphics. We guarantee you’ll receive the quality you’re looking for and the vibrant color that will attract customers.


Static Cling Labels

Used for parking permits, park passes, promotional products, and a wide range of window advertisements, static cling window labels have a unique set of requirements that require advanced flexographic label printing equipment. Our custom window and static cling labels utilize flexographic printing presses that apply fade resistant inks to non-adhesive static cling label material. This material can be repeatedly removed from any glass surface without leaving any adhesive residue

Our customizable static cling material can be produced with a full range of opacity specifications. And our static cling window labels can be made to read from either one side of a window or from both sides. Whether you’re looking for a simple single-color label or need us to produce a detailed multi-color decal, we have the expertise and the equipment to get the job done.

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Stick advertisements and promotions directly on your products with Artex extended content coupons and labels – a fast and easy way to communicate incentives.
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